Highland Christian Heritage Tours

For many generations Christians, or those who simply have an interest in Christian history and traditions, have traveled to the Scottish Highlands, drawn by the incredible religious history and background of the area. The Scottish Highlands are known for their important part during the 16th century reformation and for the incredible stories of the ‘Covenanters’. On top of that areas throughout the Highlands – including the Isle of Skye but, more famously, the Island of Lewis and the Outer Hebrides – have had a history of spiritual awakening and Christian revival. This heritage is, to a certain degree, still evident in the spiritual life and climate of the area today.

Stuart Mackinnon, founder of Skye Luxury Tours, has had a background in sharing the area’s Christian heritage with others, having worked with a broad selection of evangelical churches and mission organisations over the years. He is always pleased to organise these ‘Highland Christian Heritage’ tours and is sure you will find them interesting whether you are a Christian or religious person or simply interested in that side of the Highland culture and history.

There are many possibilities for these tours, depending on how long you area able to tour for. A 1 day tour can take you to many sights of Christian interest on Skye itself. If you have 2 or more days there are many more possibilities such as a tour incorporating the Isle of Lewis, a visit to Iona, etc. Get in touch for more details.